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Classic Homeopathy

Classic Homeopathy


Classic homeopathy is a form of treatment which effectively and painlessly treats both physical and psychological conditions.


Classic homeopathy is built on over 200 years experience but can nonetheless be referred to as one of the most modern forms of medicine of the present.


Classic homeopathy is the world's most used type of treatment after conventional medicine. Homeopathy is on the increase, also in Denmark.


Treatment is always based on the individual patient's condition and that, combined with the medicine's effective and gentle character, makes this method unique.



What does homeopathy mean?


The word homeopathy comes from the Greek words homoios which means similar and patheia which means suffering. Homeopathy is a form of treatment where one uses remedies which, if given to a healthy person in large doses produces similar symptoms to the sick patient whose condition can be improved or cured by small doses. By giving small doses of a remedy, the effect of which produces syptoms similar to what the patient is suffering from, the immune system is helped under controlled conditions to react to that which is making the person ill. Here, we are fighting "with" the disease and not against it. A small amount of a condition which is similar to the disease in the organism is administered. The organism therefore, is given a "shove" and is helped to "fix" the problem itself.



What can be treated?


There are almost no limits to what problems can be treated, as long as treatment is begun on time.


Classic homeopathy has shown itself effective in treating mental, emotional and physical symptoms, so everything from acute injuries to life-long chronic illness can be treated.


The more serious and chronic the illness has been, the more complicated and demanding treatment can be and will often require a longer period of time.





The treatment is effective and the effect lasts longer, as it is the organisms own defense system which is stimulated and and helped to function. As such, the person's energy and immune system are strengthened and susceptibility to new illnesses is reduced




The treatment is gentle, since the medicine is refined in such a way as to avoid side-effects. Only one remedy a time is given and always at the lowest possible concentration and dosage - in other words, the dosage which is exactly strong enough to have an effect on the recipient. In classic homeopathy, a patient is rarely given medicine over longer periods, normally one or very few doses are administered. In classic homeopathy, there are no complex remedies, in other words, the medicine is never a combination of different compounds. This gives homeopathy a good overview and helps in the understanding of reactions to the treatment. This is also the reason why homopathic treatment produces no unwanted side-effects.





The term holistic is the basic understanding that the whole person must be treated and not just local symptoms, in order to effect a cure.

This basic understanding is fundamental for classic homeopathy. Each person is a whole and can't be split up into independant illnesses. If a person is suffering, for example, from recurrant migraine, the homeopath will find the underlying cause and treat the whole person instead of giving pain relieving medicine which only temporarily and locally relieves the problem.





Homeopathic treament does not exclude other forms of treatment - on the contrary, it is often used as a good and effective supplement.